Amethyst USB Lamp

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Use these lamps to enhance any space, raise your frequency and eliminate any negative energy. These can be plugged into your computer, charger adapter, or anywhere with a USB port. 

Amethyst has a calming energy that soothes the mind and emotions. The origin of the word amethyst is from Ancient Greek (ametusthos), basically meaning ‘not drunk’. 
Legend has it, that the Ancient Greek ‘wine god’ Bacchus lost his chill one time, vowing that the next person he meets be devoured by tigers (Carole Baskin style), but the next person to walk along was a beautiful woman named Amethyst who was on her way to worship a goddess. 

He set his tigers upon her and she asked the goddess to help a sister out.. the goddess turned her into a clear, white crystal. Bacchus realised he was being a bit extra and regret his decisions. He poured his wine over the stone, giving it it’s beautiful purple colour. Now, we haven’t poured wine on this beauty, but her colour is vibrant nonetheless. 

Lamp (unfortunately) does not come with powerpoint adapter. 

Please note as these are made with natural crystal, each piece is unique and slightly varies in size, colour and pattern.