Where did it all start?

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Tumbled stones


I guess you could say Macia Crystals began when I was a little girl about 8 years old. I was in, not a word of a lie, an Australian Geographic store and begged my mum to let me have some of the tumbled stones that were on display – like verge of a tantrum begged. She let me have six (omg!) and as an 8-year-old I was shook that I could choose and have my own gemstones! At the time, I was fascinated by tiger’s eye and loved how its appearance changed from every angle.

So I went on to choose my six stones. I (of course) chose tiger’s eye in gold and red, amethyst, hematite, red jasper and sodalite. I still have these stones to this day (actual picture of them in this post!). I have since learnt that tiger’s eye is a stone of courage and power (obvs little 8-year-old me was already a boss-ass-b*tch).

I kept them in this little knitted bag and took such good care of them (I mean, I still have them almost 20 years later!) So here we are, my love of crystals and gemstones is as strong as ever and I decided to open my own crystal online store in Australia with products that are made out of or have an element of a crystal within them.

I want my customers to be able to use my products or carry them with them, just like little 8-year-old me did with my first set of tumbled stones. This is why a lot of my products have a purpose (other than bringing the good vibes with them). I want the vibes weaved through your everyday lives and I want you guys to be able to vibe with them when doing even the simplest of things – like opening up that bottle of rose after a tough week!

Check out our crystal homewares.

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